2 Poems
Spencer Troxell

John and Marie's vacation album

We spent
A week
In Cairo
Last summer
My sinuses
Take more.
The people
So close
So many
Cars everywhere.
This is nothing
Like Las Vegas
Another place
With pyramids.
Some kid
With black teeth
Tried to sell us
A two-headed
Snake, stuffed.
He followed us
To our hotel
And I gave him
Some money.
I said, no,
Keep the snake.
Just take the cash.
But he insisted,
And an hour later
He was back
With his big brother
Big, angry,
Saying he wanted
His snake back.
We relented
Because we didn't
Want the snake
And brown people
Are scary
When you don't
Speak the language.
Marie had diarrhea
All the flight back,
When people ask
If we had a good time
On vacation,
We say yes,
Perfect, we brought
our own sheets.



The Mormons that come to your door
Are so young and earnest.
Their faces are so clean and smooth
Their shirts are as white as their teeth.
When Christy comes back
From wherever she's been,
I think I'll have her make them
Something to drink,
Because I'm pretty sure I could talk them
Into helping me move the sofa
Out of the basement.


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About the Author
Spencer Troxell lives in Cincinnati with his wife and kids. He attends college at the University of Cincinnati and works at an undisclosed location within the city. You can keep up with him here, at his sporadically kept up blog: spencertroxell.blogspot.com . He's 24.
Email: darkcircles@hotmail.com

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