Dollhouse, by Mike Boyle

DOLLHOUSE is a book about a young man with problems. Tony Diggs has moved to the suburbs, crashed out with his girlfriend and her single mother. The soundtrack would be rock and roll (and a little bit of Neil Diamond), but between the opiates and the factory job, it's hard to keep the band together. From the nightclubs, diners, and rooming houses, alongside the lesbians, painters, musicians, drunks, coke freaks, pot heads, cab drivers and Chinatown hucksters, there's a lot to see on the road from Harrisburg to New York City. But only if he can avoid being sheet packed.

MIKE BOYLE lives between the coal belt and the rust belt in a concrete room by the train tracks. He was a singer, songwriter and guitarist for many rock bands from the late '70s until the mid '90s, most notably New Left, circa 1983-'86. Part of the early DIY rock scene, New Left released two singles on their own label and received significant college radio airplay across the USA before disbanding in New York City amid rumors of substance abuse and in-fighting. Boyle has written poems and stories about street life, bar life and factory life, his first poetry appearing in small press journals in the late '80s. This is his first published novel.

Year of the Thief, edited by Matt DiGangi

THIEVES JARGON is a literary journal notable for its adventurous and talented writers. Their voices tell thirsty stories, tales whispered from traveling salesmen to wide-eyed youngsters in bowling alley parking lots. They are fools, they are magicians, they are hanged men.

YEAR OF THE THIEF sends you on a surreal trip to the emergency room. It moves into the guest room in that creepy couple's house. It lets the misunderstood midget entrepreneur tell his side of the story. It's the tragedy of Odeen Hibbs. Found among these peculiar scenarios and many others are new stories from Delphine Lecompte, Jeff T. Kane, and Paul Kavanagh, three of the best and most decorated underground authors writing today.

Kittens in the Boiler, by Delphine Lecompte

DELPHINE LECOMPTE is a writer with scary talent. Through the previous publication of over a hundred eerie, raw and strangely tender stories, her work has garnered a cult-like following. She has been variously employed as a milk bottle stacker, as the barmaid at a coastal pub, and as a hooker. With writing informed by such experience, Ms. Lecompte has established an uncommon and immediate voice that leaves little room for middle ground.

KITTENS IN THE BOILER is her first novel. Set against a dreary Belgian coast, the book is about a young woman and the company she keeps, both on and off the streets. Comedic catastrophe and sexual assassination are afterthoughts for the narrator as she carries her warped neighbor, her sleazy johns and her best friends close to the heart. Kittens in the Boiler is the portrait of a desperate soul staggering on the divide between destruction and deliverance.