DOLLHOUSE is a book about a young man with problems. Tony Diggs has moved to the suburbs, crashed out with his girlfriend and her single mother. The soundtrack would be rock and roll (and a little bit of Neil Diamond), but between the opiates and the factory job, it's hard to keep the band together. From the nightclubs, diners, and rooming houses, alongside the lesbians, painters, musicians, drunks, coke freaks, pot heads, cab drivers and Chinatown hucksters, there's a lot to see on the road from Harrisburg to New York City. But only if he can avoid being sheet packed.

MIKE BOYLE lives between the coal belt and the rust belt in a concrete room by the train tracks. He was a singer, songwriter and guitarist for many rock bands from the late '70s until the mid '90s, most notably New Left, circa 1983-'86. Part of the early DIY rock scene, New Left released two singles on their own label and received significant college radio airplay across the USA before disbanding in New York City amid rumors of substance abuse and in-fighting. Boyle has written poems and stories about street life, bar life and factory life, his first poetry appearing in small press journals in the late '80s. This is his first published novel.

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