'Calendar' by Peter Schwartz
The Process
Joel Van Noord
...he wanted to understand how fast he could move and what this could mean.

Purple toes
W. K. Lawrence
...he showed me his sword collection

Mike Boyle
We were going 65 in the passing lane and I had been watching cars pass us on the right, honking and looking angry.
2 Poems
M.A. Internicola
ronnie's the kind of man who'll get divorced three to six times / in his life.

Disruption of the Work Environment
John C. Turner
There was a ring of flesh in the cup that might have fit around her finger; she guessed it had come from someone's insides.

what's left of me
James Lineberger
or when they get around to it and believe me they will / the one where the guy has all those / amish girls tied up and the cops have the place surrounded