'Memoirs of a Tokyo Hotel Room' by Akif Hakan Celebi
Dirty Tears
Randy Dalzell
She took a carton of chocolate ice cream out of the freezer and ran into my room. She locked the door and didn't come out. I heard her releasing gases from her anus in there. I closed my eyes and hoped she didn't shit on my sheets.

on the road—a little rough, again
M. Frias May
good news…leaving town. / bad news…you ate at denny’s

Iman Nielstroy
He hated the views because they had not been worth it.
Blue Sky Diner, Thursday Night
Sue Miller
knees emboldened / by so much formica and ribbed aluminum

Princess or Preferred Penetration
Pearle Billy
An iron-willed seventeen year old woman is a conjurer of tricks and a supreme controller of people.

to the woman who gave me acid
James Lineberger
...how you convinced me / to lie face down / on the stinking / carpet next to the footrail at the bar