'Monsters and Boy' by Rachel Maguire
Hot Tarnuda Wax
J.C. Frampton
"If you don't want the full pro job we'll run it through the carwash and hit you with the Hot Tarnuda Spray..."

Dick Cavett Says
Ben Tanzer
She doesn’t know who is on the cover of the book / She doesn’t know who is asking her this question

Waiting for Work
Willie Smith
Hustled downstairs. Snapped on the kitchen light. Grabbed the ax. As I suspected, a rat struggled in the glue trap I had earlier last night placed before the cat bowls.
3 Poems
James Babbs
my college can be found / among the bottles / I leave strewn across / my living room floor

Adam Palmer
One girl's exceptionally long black pigtail I put down the front of my pants and she just said, “Gross,” and took her pigtail out but didn't walk away or even stop smiling at me or anything.

James Lineberger
...we fill their rubbers with water and fling them / at the stupid beef cows like it is bombs falling...