'Everything Was Perfect' by Jesse Michael Renaud
All That
Marcus Bales
All mud, no wallow, / All chew, no spit, / All spit, no swallow, / All pot, no shit;

The Day the Hummingbird Died
Dean McFarlane
I've lived in the desert my whole life and I've never heard of anyone having a hummingbird perch on their leg.

Modern Bride
Alex Stolis
It feels like a fleck / of memory got stuck / in the corner / of your open mouth.
A Wide Dark Night
Daniel Bachleda
So you take turns throwing bottles and dodging bottles and drinking from bottles, broken glass glimmering in the parking lot as a field of fallen stars.

words these soft words
James Lineberger
in super slow motion / on film with no sprockets we see the millisecond / movement of a pole vaulter / stretching his body to the limit