'Thieves Be Hanged' by Jeff Crouch
My Dentist Hates Me
Bill Cook
"Load up on that there wasabi, honey," I said, "cause, I'm in for one hell of a ride once these here fine drugs wear off."

2 Poems
Maurice Oliver
...All the metal signs warn of high-voltage / lines. Even ordinary fog turns colossal...

Can You Pick Me Up?
Zach Brennan
“... we only have four officers on duty and we can’t send one of them way-the-hell-out-there to pull a deer out from underneath your car and you can’t fire at it if it’s under there anyways.”

Hanging Out the Window
Jonathan Hayes
Still, in our underwear, / we yell, “Murderer!”
We Are Nowhere and It's Now
Peter Wild
Heplock grunted and said yeah like a proper sidekick. Yeah!

The Living Room
Joshua Hampel
“I don’t remember last night,” I said, sitting up and putting my back against the wall.

Freddie Gets a Brand New Bag
James Lineberger
My screenwriting protege / wants to meet for coffee / and fill me in on his various projects / before he flies back to L.A.