'Because I Enjoy It 001' by Nicoline Patricia Malina
Cherry Blossoms
Dan Korgan
If there is one thing I've learned, Jessica, it's that you'd never swim in the water you drink.

seven minit poem
...he turns down a side / street thinkin i won't see him but instead / he catches himself at a dead / end...

Studebaker Stud
Willie Smith
But a spy working in the pharmacy where Clark purchased the codpiece rubbed the rim with kryptonite.

When the World Reversed Its Rotation
Luke Evans
...The wombat floated away like a knotted / balloon...
Mark Vanner
I can lock myself in a newly painted room for hours until Im bouncing off the walls.

But Never Gone
Vanja Kovacic
Even with my mouth shut and hands in my pockets, I speak volumes and perform unspeakable actions.

Sermon by a Woman Lay Preacher, the People's Church of God Jesus, Cooleemee NC, Easter Sunday, 2006
James Lineberger
they left one of the drills with Magdalene to take him down