Submissions can be either joint locks or chokes.

If you would like for us to publish your great work, we will retain one-time publishing rights, and your piece will be archived indefinitely. Please don't submit any work that has been published elsewhere before, we feel as if that's kind of hack. It's also unfair to our readers, who, we're hoping, are coming to us to read something they haven't seen before. Besides, you really should stop coasting on the merits of the one story you wrote three years ago and write something new. If you're good enough to get one story published, you're good enough to get another one published, so get cracking.

Copyrighted on all work is retained by the respective authors.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but if it is accepted someplace else, please notify us as soon as possible.

Send your work as either a word document or embedded in an email. We prefer word documents because formatting can be lost coming through email, and you run the chance of losing quality. As part of your email, let us know whether the piece is Fiction, Poetry, or Nonfiction. Attach a short bio with the work as well if you please.

Wait a little while for the editor to sort through submissions. He'll pretty much go through them in the order they come in. If you haven't heard back in a few weeks, then something is probably wrong, and you should feel free to send a follow-up query.

As an editor, the editor edits, and may edit your work prior to publication, although almost never in an aggressive manner. The editor may ask the original writer to make some larger changes before a piece's acceptance.

Submissions can be sent, appropriately, to