And yes, “manifesto” is a pretentious word, but it’s also a terrific one.

We’re looking for fiction and poetry mostly, but we’ll look at nonfiction too. As a wise person once said to me, whatever fits the filigree.

We’re interested in finding stories about drifters and hustlers and dreamers finding beauty in things they never thought they would. Or stuff about fighting or gambling. Or about doin’ it. Tell me us good story, preferably one I could tell my favorite bartender.

If you have enjoyed any of the following writers, we might have something in common:

Martin Amis, Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, Denis Johnson, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Tod A., Paul Auster, the Coen brothers, Alan Weisbecker, William S Burroughs, John Welter, Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson, Jim Thompson, Raymond Chandler, Chuck Palahniuk, Tom Waits, Stephen King, Gibby Haynes, Roald Dahl, Cormac McCarthy, and Hubert Selby, Jr .

If you’re still unsure, just take a look through our archives. We’ve built a reputation as a journal that defies categorization. We like to flirt with mess around with those genre conventions. We like a good ending. We like good dialogue. We like strange lingo.

If we get jealous that we haven’t written the piece ourselves, we’ll run it. Because baby, we can.

If you see something you like, send us something of yours.

If you see something you don’t like, and think you can do better, give it a shot.

Style as much as substance.

Content more than context.

The Thieves Jargon Advantage

The Thieves Jargon Advantage is that we publish a new edition every week. Forget waiting three months for your favorite quarterly to update, we’re gonna have new stuff worth spending your time on once every seven days.

About --Ed.

Matt DiGangi has traveled this country extensively. He has written for a television show, worked in an office, remodeled homes, and driven the ice cream truck. He studied theory at college and disliked it. He is elusive, and frequently writes in the third person plural. He currently lives in Witch City, Massachusetts. He can be reached at

About the Co-Editors

In this era of homogenous print superstores and $14.95 lit "magazines", Jacob McArthur Mooney is a believer in the freeing influence of the internet. Past adventures include attending college, running an ice-cream shop, teaching creative writing, and suffering quietly in a call-centre. He was born in 1983 in an underpopulated country called "Canada".

Proudly unprolific, part-time samurai, Joseph Tavano, has lived well enough for his story to resemble a shoddy B-list movie, at least. A retired drummer, near-miss cancer survivor, young parent, ex-fence installer, and Shotokan veteran, he mainly concerns himself now with eating dead animals and plants, drinking scotch & sodas, and listening to satellite radio. He has been writing and editing for more than ten years and has been published in various newspapers, magazines, and literary publications. Typically, he consumes between 600 to 1000 mg of caffeine per day.